Now you can (finally) create dynamic CMS and Ecommerce galleries

Now you can (finally) create dynamic CMS and Ecommerce galleries

We’re beyond excited to share 3 new features that give you the power to easily create custom galleries from your CMS images and videos.

You can now upload, style, and showcase your CMS and Ecommerce photos and videos with ease thanks to three new features: 

  1. The new multi-image field
  2. CSS grid 2.0
  3. An improvement to our lightbox component

To show you a couple of these features in action, Meg, our newest community team member, created a gallery of product thumbnails on an ecommerce product page. 

Upload up to 25 images at once with the new multi-image field

Batch uploads for the win! Our new multi-image field allows you to upload as many as 25 images. In a single field, you can drop in all the best shots of a portfolio project, a slew of product thumbnails, or even your 10 favorite GIFs of salsa-dancing dogs … as long as they’re under 4MB each, of course. You can also reorder your images however you’d like. 

To add a multi-image field (or three) to your collection, head to the settings of any collection (including your Ecommerce products), click “Add New Field,” and select the multi-image field type. Fill in a label, add some help text (if you want), save your collection settings, and you’re ready to start dropping your images in.


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